A showcase of Mangave in their varied and unique uses

First Col

Colorful Patio Collection

The bright colors of the Mad About Mangave® Colleciton accented by equally colorful containers.

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Mixed Succulent Pallet Planter

Featuring: 'Freckles and Speckles', 'Bad Hair Day', 'Blue Dart', and 'Spotty Dotty'

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Head and Shoulders

This head-shaped planter is filled with the aptly named 'Bad Hair Day' Mangave. The arching form of this Mangave perfectly fits the container, spilling down and covering the face like a real bad hair day.

About Us | Walters Gardens, Inc.

We are a wholesale grower of young perennial and succulent plants located in West Michigan. Our breeding program has produced many award winning introductions that are now sold throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia independently and under leading industry brands.

Mangave is a recent intergeneric discovery and one of our many passions. We hope you enjoy these creations and grow one of your own!

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