Manfreda x Agave = Mangave

An intergeneric hybrid, Mangave inherits the best of its parents. Agave lends durability and large, architectural form. Manfreda gives unique coloring and spotting, as well as softer spines that make them easy to handle.

Why to Try Mangave

  • Focal Plant
    Perfect Form
    Between Manfreda and Agave there are hundreds of forms. Mangave covers the entire range of forms; from arching deciduous leaves to rigid symmetry.
  • Interesting Colors
    In Focus
    Forget the “Thriller, Filler, Spiller” model, Mangave can stand alone with long lasting interest whether planted in a container or the landscape.
  • Soft Spines
    Easy to Handle
    Enjoy the succulent size and form of Agave without all the pokes and scratches. Most varieties follow their Manfreda genes with soft spines, making Mangave more user friendly.
  • Fast Growers
    Fast Growers
    Skip the years it takes to get size out of an Agave with the faster growth rate of Mangave. Got it to the size you want? Water sparingly to hold its size.

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The Story Behind the Succulent

Mangave are a happy accident. The first Mangave was created by unintentional cross pollination and discovered in a batch of Manfreda seedlings. This plant was passed between friends as a unique curiosity, catching the eye of our breeder, Hans Hansen. While we did not invent Mangave and this first hybrid wasn't discovered in our greenhouses, Hans saw the potential of this plant and has devoted significant time and resources to its development.

Hans and his team have been working not only with Mangave, but with Agave and Manfreda as well. Working with the parents has helped Hans to develop plants that will pass favorable and unique characteristics to create the most interesting Mangave varieties. Hans has made thousands of unique crosses to date and has chosen only the most exotic to add to the collection. With each new generation of plants, Hans discovers more characteristics and curiosities to include in future introductions.

About Us | Walters Gardens, Inc.

We are a wholesale grower of young perennial and succulent plants located in West Michigan. Our breeding program has produced many award winning introductions that are now sold throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia independently and under leading industry brands.

Mangave is a recent intergeneric discovery and one of our many passions. We hope you enjoy these creations and grow one of your own!

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